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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

What an interesting paper you have; I learnt about Eric Bean, who sounds like he and his wife did a remarkable job. I read a beaut story by Don Pike (my maiden name), saw how C&D Excavations are community minded, laughed at young photos of Out of the Woodwork and with the car photos, was delighted with the piece on the Asylum Seekers, not because they moved but because of the author’s view point and kindness. Good to read about Rita and Ian; David Brewster has a nice way of talking but the teeth business was not a good subject for lunch time eaters! I hate a model or anyone being paid $42  million. The woman who successfully sued re the auto cruise makes the mind boggle oh silly of silliest judgements!!!  I’m grateful for the historical writings and research behind the scenes.

Peggy Bogar, Scamander.