Think Tanks …  some of their roles in our lives.

Think Tank is the name given to an international Bank owned/run Institute (or other org.) that  engages in activity to further the agenda and interests of international Bankers, Multi & Trans  National companies. They have unlimited funding and are well entrenched, worldwide.  Some leading names are Tavistock, Sydney Institute, HR Nichols Society, etc. They adversely affect our lives on many fronts; from  programming the teaching of Political Correctness (“Rights” of the child, sex education etc.) into our learning institutions, to introducing policies & legislation for our Governments to emplace.

They network an army of writers & intellectuals in the community to  constantly follow up various planned populous “issues” to draw, distract and captivate the public attention away  from unsavoury real issues, policies and agenda on which Banksters (banks/gangsters) are active. These quisling  operatives can be high profile TV and journalist presenters, but large numbers are drawn from the community at large. Whether high level operatives working at  preprogrammed misinformation propaganda, psyop agiprops, “tar blacking” of key individuals or groups that are problematic to    governments or just writing misinformation to further sales for some multinational, they all, by and large, are NOT working for your best interests.  They are criminal in effect and in most cases, intent.

All this is known in the more esoteric public circles and certainly to ALL politicians. All of the above, of course, is headed up by the P.I.G. (Permanent Invisible Government), shadowy power   brokers who run Think Tanks and your life.

And because our political “System” is so deeply entrenched, any hint of opposition to the evil, is carefully managed by a compliant media and friendly “government” departments. Australia Post at the last, and previous elections, refused to distribute fliers for some Independents. At the previous elections, one man on a senate ticket in N.S.W. paid them $25,000 to post fliers. They failed to do so, and the last I heard was that they even refused to refund.

On more subtle, but fundamental ways Think Tanks create campaigns with media compliance,   moulding population ideals and thinking and furthering agenda and matters already in place  – or    preparing (conditioning) people to accept another level of chicanery.

Double standards are an integral part of this, eg. while one TV channel is telling us about our “rights” in “graded” levels of violence and inviting “reporting” of public concerns, other channels are showing blatant porn. The confusion is intentional and part of the acceptance of societal degradation. The general objective is to destroy all levels of moral standards and religion and accept uninhibited decadent behaviour as the norm.

Nothing really new here. All been done before, except not many noticed. But it IS new to a couple of generations of malleable youth, preoccupied with team & sport mentality, high fives and heaps of Americanism. So this is my little bit for my country and kids everywhere……….   More later.

Don Pike, Four Mile Beach.

Letter to the Editor

Open letter to the residents and Councillors of Break O’Day Region

It was with great interest on returning home recently from overseas that I read the letter from our Mayor Sarah Schmerl to various politicians openly advocating for a better deal for the Break O’Day area. At last I thought someone is prepared to openly advocate for our  municipality. Continue reading

The Say

By Cagerattler

The other night I sent some photos of the region to a friend of mine in Baltimore, Maryland. He and his wife were keen to see some Fingal Valley stuff, not the usual tourism content. After sending them some of my own photographs via email which they appreciated I decided to have a look and see if there was much video to view… and I found it. It’s called Valleys of Adventure (Fingal Valley, Tasmania ) and he loved it. So did I actually.

Continue reading

The Say

 By Cagerattler

Thank goodness the seven month political campaign is finally over. What a saga. Now  we can watch the Labor recriminations and the Coalition gloats and smirks with apparently a ‘mandate’ to stop the boats, scrap the carbon and mining taxes, change the NBN rollout,    confront the public sector to help get that budget surplus including job cutbacks, and who knows where the GST, education and health are going. Continue reading


Foxes were introduced into Australia in the early 1800’s for use in hunting by the landed gentry. Just as in old   England, the master of the hunt would arrange for a collection of property owners and their mounts, and with a pack of blood hounds, would hunt, harass and tear to pieces a defenseless small animal. A good time was had by all. As Tasmania had its fair share of landed gentry in those days, it’s more than reasonable to assume that foxes were introduced here as well as on the mainland.

There isn’t that much mystery about the presence of foxes; if they are about, they can be detected by their smell (a significant musk) or more likely by their bark, which sounds a bit like a small dog with a cough.  So if there is no fox smell or barking in your area, then you can be   certain that there are also NO foxes. The fox’s bark is  easily identified in the background of scenes from typical English TV presentations (Midsommer Murders, Miss Marple and many others). Through saturation over the years of wildlife TV documentaries, magazines, etc. most people in this country would surely know what a fox looks like, just as mainlanders know exactly what a Tasmanian Devil looks like.

Contrary to what might be believed about habitat, foxes are no different to many other animals in the wild. They simply prefer, because of the natural self preservation  instinct, to keep away from man but when they hunt at night, will prowl around man’s habitat, particularly around other dog’s feeding dishes etc. or anywhere they can smell chooks. And like the Quoll, (and maybe the Tasmanian Devil) once in a chook pen, they will eat their fill and kill the rest. I’m reminded of a kid’s picture/story book we had at home when I about 7-9yrs, and a poem about the Tasmanian Devil –  I must have been fascinated by this animal to remember it all these years.

They dub me a Devil. I am.

I’m partial to poultry and lamb.

When I’ve eaten my fill I just go and kill,

‘til the owner appears, then I scram.

(The Devil is well known as a carrion eater, so I’m not too sure if the poet was entirely correct).

When the vixen is going to have kids they settle into a  hollow log, an unused wombat hole, rabbit’s warren, cave, or   underneath an old unused remote shed – wherever, in her wisdom, she’ll be dry, cosy and undisturbed. There is no special habitat.

Around 15 years ago I noticed a sign that was obviously officially emplaced on the Esk Valley Road just in from the Midlands Highway turnoff at Conara, asking people to report foxes. This didn’t surprise me as much as it normally would, because, apart from my own       observations, I had heard that there was a concerted effort from? – to draw people’s attention to a misnomer – foxes in Tasmania. Making inquiries at that time I was told that there was a conspiracy at foot to legalise or extend the use of the controversial (for good reason) poison – 1080.  So I had then made a point of calling farmers in different parts of the State to ask the question – “Have you ever seen a fox on your property?” Everyone had answered in the negative and many added statements to the effect that they had lived on their property all their life! (or similar).

The base reason why there are no breeding foxes in Tasmania is because the Devil will take their young as fast as they are produced. It’s not rocket science to understand that that is what happened when they were first  introduced!.

Don Pike, Four Mile Creek.