Singers wanted…

The Chocolate Shop Singers need more singers. We meet Thursday 5pm at Lizzie’s Mt Elephant Fudge shop and sing, chat and laugh ‘til 7.  We sing a capella in many languages (some unknown) and have performed at local and regional events for over 10 years.

We are not professional singers – most of us can’t read music – so don’t be reluctant to join because you think you may not be suitable.

Our esteemed leader Isabel still has a full head of hair,      seemingly unlimited patience and a basketful of magic.

Anyone can sing, and it’s fun and rewarding learning to do so.

Launceston Country Club Casino bus trip

The Fingal Valley Neighbourhood House Inc has organised a trip to the Launceston Country Club Casino on Thursday May 1st 2014

Have a nice affordable meal at the water garden and a flutter if you want

Bus fare: $15 pp (does not include meal) The FVNH Commuter Bus will leave at 5.30pm. If you are interested in going on this trip call into the office or phone 6374 2344 to book your seat.

The Say

by Cagerattler

I’ve resisted the temptation until now to mention the Tasmanian Election but…regarding the Regional Forestry Agreement  surely the new government won’t cancel the whole thing after the mountain of work it took to reach an agreement. That would be an insult to everyone involved on both sides. This agreement required some fairly major concessions on both sides  and whilst not perfect by any means (the stated opinion of the various groups involved) it is as good as it can be.

Why do you think that a ‘mandate’ exists to pull apart this.  The election result was probably a result of many things, not just the RFA, and to use the mandate excuse is presumptuous at the very least.

I already know this new mob will struggle to implement many of their promises in the timeframes they suggest but this Forestry deal is extremely complex and difficult, and to say they will throw it out before there’s been any chance of seeing what might happen is pretty short sighted.

It deserves some sort of consideration surely. We’ll wait and see what happens next.

On a local matter… Now that the bottom reservoir is drained for safety reasons (apparently a gushing issue as a good friend was told) would someone from TasWater please put up more safety fencing. There is a very rickety walkway, a pretty steep drop and other matters there;  whilst it’s being repaired it could be a risk to small   children or pets especially. I only ask  because I know that any potential risk needs to be  identified. I hope TasWater can attend to this sooner rather than later as it would probably be considered a workplace and new regulations are pretty  uncompromising in workplaces these days.

What do you think? Rod McGiveron

46.21 March 27th, 2014

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The Say

By Cagerattler

Last night ABC TV showed a story that revolved around the Australian car industry’s demise,  focusing mainly on GMH.

I am in real fear of this current philosophy of the Federal Government’s policy on no longer subsidizing heavy industry. I think not helping these companies out is SO WRONG.

The main issue for me whilst watching this thought-provoking report was concern for the parts manufacturers (which number in the hundreds as it happens) that supply components to Ford, Holden and Toyota. One industry analyst said that  44,000 jobs were directly affected and about 198,000 indirectly. How can this happen?

Our Government has this seeming preoccupation with returning the economy to surplus, to the detriment of manufacturing industries. If I ever get the chance to ask a serving Federal Liberal member how they can sleep at night by supporting such policies I will. And it’s not just the car industry either unfortunately – this stupidly selfish government policy is affecting, or will affect, so many other manufacturing arms and just so the Prime Minister can say “Oh good, we returned the economy to surplus.”

Australia is one of the world’s most resource-rich  economies, yet downstream processing of our own resources jobs is being sent offshore so we can buy it back at cheap prices…Why can’t Australian governments, of all persuasions, take a more holistic approach and     definitely a much longer term look at things instead of all this rubbish? When we lose across-the-board manufacturing industries we lose our skills base too and become a country reliant on imports as time goes on; if we continue to pander to countries buying our  country right from  under our noses what do we finish up as?

It has to stop. We have to say to this crazy government ‘You can’t do this… Stick up for us… Don’t sell us off’.

I have a clear conscience. I didn’t vote for this mob whose lack of support for the car industry hasn’t helped at all.

Time to reflect on ANZAC Day…I was telling my US friend about ANZAC day and how we ‘commemorate’  rather than  ‘celebrate’ this hugely important part of our identity as a nation, and how the sacrifices by the original diggers on April 25th 1915, the weeks and months before that day at the very early part of the Great War and in World War II, and all conflicts right up until now are not and never will be forgotten.

The ultimate sacrifice by so many,  but also those who lived the rest of their lives with terrible handicaps and disabilities, cannot be allowed to be taken for granted – not ever.

What do you  think?

Rod McGiveron.

Falmouth’s on sale!

Easter Monday  21st April 2014 8am ~ 3pm

The Falmouth Community is “on sale”.  Any property that displays balloons is taking part in this Garage Sale Extravaganza!  Come to Falmouth on Easter  Monday and grab a bargain!

The Blue Cave Café will also be open at the Falmouth  Community Centre with  delicacies for all to  enjoy!