The Giving Tree

I would like to take this opportunity in this first edition of the Valley Voice for 2014 to sincerely thank all the   generous people in St Marys and surrounding areas, for the wonderful response to my request for donations to the  Giving Tree set up at my salon for Christmas.

What a huge amount of gifts were given. It never ceases to amaze me at the generosity of the residents of this   lovely community.

Thanks must also go to Thom Ryan from Anglicare and Melanie Norton from The salvation Army for their efforts in distributing all the gifts. I am sure there were many families who benefited at Christmas as a result of over one hundred gifted donations.

Thank you one and all and I am hoping to do it all again this Christmas.

Many thanks,

Ana, Eric, Lily-Mae and Casey,

Ana’s Hairdressing Salon.

Badminton Blues

After reading the story of badminton recollections from Margaret Forsyth last issue, it also brought to mind a story,  about the time Bruce and I also played badminton.

Our team was called the Robins, and we were hosting an ‘end of season’ barbeque at our home.

We set up the back yard with tarpaulin windbreaks, seating, trestles, barbeques, eskys, etc., on the day, ready for the night time function, which was for 50 plus players and partners.

A new laundry and toilet in an out-building had been  under construction for the past month, and happened to be finished that day, just in time for the barbeque.

It was a lovely evening and the party went well with lots of lovely food and drinks, continuing into the night with much merriment.

At around 2am I needed to go to the toilet, and once there, realised that there was no toilet paper.

Horror of horrors!! I now knew that I had not placed any in the recently finished building!

How embarrassing! I don’t know why someone didn’t tell me, or more to the point—what did they use?? It must have been drip dry for 50 or more people that night!

I don’t recall what year it was, but it is probably more than 40 years ago and my face has been red ever since!

Have a laugh on me.

Judy Spilsbury.