The Say

By Cagerattler

Any chance of emigrating for the next month or so, maybe to Siberia or somewhere  that doesn’t get Aussie news. Bloody election. The campaign has been going a bit over a week and it’s already driving me crazy. So much rhetoric, inflated egos, untruths (better not say the ‘L’ word), core promises, non-core promises and the whole kit and caboodle.   Politicians of all persuasions irritate me these days, the ‘white knight’ Greens being no exception. I was listening to one of them being interviewed the other morning, maybe listening to someone dragging fingernails down a blackboard would have been more entertaining, and if you were gullible enough to believe them they could solve all the world’s problems in one fell swoop.

The Labor Party, the Coalition, the Greens…all the same I’m afraid and you’re kidding yourself if you think otherwise. If some of these pollies were told ‘if you’re  re-elected but your party doesn’t win government you can’t retire for at least half of the following term,’ I bet many of them wouldn’t stand so they could just sit on the backbenches in Opposition…such are their egos. I’d have a lot more respect for  them if they did something about the  parliamentary pensions and fringe benefits etc. that not many of us get.

As for the Senate – my goodness – some of the backroom stuff on who heads the tickets etc. by the parties is just so strange and it seems in some cases you get appointed to the Senate, not necessarily elected through a by-election. At least in the House of Representatives you have to win one of those to earn your spot. Maybe over the next 4-5 weeks  the pain tablet companies will do well, selling  panadol, paracetamol,  aspirins, etc., while we sit and  endure the manure from the mouths of all these egocentric politicians. Call me cynical if you like but I think a realist is a little closer to the mark, I really do.

Another thing ALMOST as serious…the AFL drugs investigation. GET ON WITH IT AFL COMMISSION. Impose the fines/sanctions if you are going to, or don’t. I don’t even barrack for the Bombers but for a few people I know that do it’s excruciating not to know what’s going on and I genuinely feel for them.

What do you think  ?… Rod McGiveron.